GridPane Platform & Scripts v1.2.1076

26th April 2023

New - Fortress Integration

  • Install, Uninstall, Migrate GP-CLI for Fortress plugin
  • Cron and logrotate autoconfigured
  • Workers created to enable Fortress updates
  • Scripts to integrate Fortress into cloning, staging, backups

Improvement - PHP

  • Added PHP 8.1 to gp stack PHP configure CLI

Improvement - Scripts

  • PHPMyAdmin redundancy created incase their main repo is down during server builds

Improvement/Fix - OpenLiteSpeed

  • httpd.conf regenerate set to ignore -export

Fixed - OpenLiteSpeed

  • Set Redis port and cache type before enabling object cache

Fixed - Multitenancy

  • Domain Swap in multitenancy servers does not remove the bind mounts of original site from fstab