GridPane App & Scripts v1.2.800

11th November 2021

New - Cloning

  • Clone one website over another existing site

New - V2 Backups

  • Backblaze B2 now available to Pro plans
  • New Wasabi Regions available (US Central 1 and AP NorthEast)

Improvement - Cloning

  • Choose DNS management during cloning to new URL
  • Choose SMTP integration when cloning to new URL
  • Choose Optional DB rewrites when cloning to new URL

Improvement - Teams

  • Server API key name now visible in server customizer for Staff members

Improvement - API

  • GET Integrations
  • POST / PUT Site
    - Set DNS Integration and Type
    - Set SMTP
  • POST / PUT Domain
    - Set DNS Integration and Type
  • PUT Site
    - Enable WP Debug
    - Add WP Users
    - Run WP-CLI commands
  • POST system-user
    - Add system-user with SSH key
  • PUT system-user
    - Update system user Password
    - Update system user SSH Key

Fixed - V2 Backups

  • Backups schedule selector placeholder text updated for clarity
  • Restore from original source potential for incorrect database row returning incorrect data