GridPane App & GridPane Scripts v1.2.407

July 7th 2020

New - MariaDB - BETA 

  • MariaDB 10.5 now available during server build - developer only

New - Oauth

  • Github and Gitlab Oauth options now available

Improvement - System Users

  • Automatically generated safe system users during site builds
  • Create your own new user during site builds

Improvement - API

  • Reduced payloads for server creation for better API

Improvement - Cloning/Migrations/Failover

  • www/root routing is migrated/cloned
  • System users created on new servers

Improvement - SSL

  • Enhanced Certbot Renewal checks and acme self-healing configs

Improvement - Monit

  • New servers have Monit 5.2.6
  • Numerous new notifications for system monitoring including Slack updates

Improvement - Binlogging

  • Disabled MYSQL binlogging (this can now be enabled via CLI).

Improvement - Migrations, clones, backups, restores, staging

  • Non-standard wp-config.php formats were breaking things. All are now auto-fixed across each of these functions

Improvement - Robots.txt

  • Rewrites within robots.txt for SEOPress

Improvement - PHP Workers

  • Now dynamic based on cores - 2x core up to max 4X cores

Fixed - Failover

  • Failover sites are marked correctly and random non-failover sites are correct and self-healing

Fixed - AutoSSL

  • Alias/addon domains still showed as toggled on when SSL fails

Fixed - Domains

  • Domain routing (www/root) appeared to reset to “none” in UI

Fixed - Teams

  • Admin couldn’t delete team members

Fixed - New Accounts

  • Unverified new users unable to log out

Fixed - Servers

  • Console errors during server deletions