Dashboard GUI for NGINX Rewrites

David Schargel

Instead of having to manually keep & maintain a nginx-rewrite.conf file in the /nginx/ directory, it would be nice to have a per-site GUI for rewrites/redirects.

Perhaps something similar to how Kinsta does it:


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Yes a UI for redirect with categories, tags and search. Missing this in Kinsta to be able to group and categorize the redirects to maintain a better workflow.

Even restriction for different groups would be great to be able to give some team users access to edit and add in one group and not in another. An example would be to not allow them to add redirect in the group they have access to if it doesn't start with /go/* etc.

That way we could allow setting up redirects for cloaked urls but not allow them to add redirect that could cause other internal site issues.

Regev Elya


Bobby Broughton

Thanks David! This one is planned too.

Bobby Broughton

Status changed to: Planned

Dave Navarro, Jr.

Seven thumbs up for this one.

Nathan Briggs

If you have seven thumbs you're either Jeff Dahmer or your mum ate took much plutonium :-)