GridPane Scripts v1.2.945

19th August 2022

Improvement - Scripts

  • Updated site build commands to accept backups
  • Update site build commands to accept git integrations
  • Made scripts resilient to downtime
  • Guard added to prevent the installation of PHP 8.1 Monit configs on servers with Nginx 1.15.8

Improvement - Cloning

  • Update Cloning commands to allow for the configuration of Backups

Improvement - Redis Object Caching

  • Scripts updated to use original Redis Object Cache plugin by Till Kruss (GridPane fork has been retired)
  • Token update of all server sites to redis-cache from Till Kruss

Fixed - Cloning

  • When cloning sites with addon domains, the loop through domains can fail if there are functions that also read from the stdin

Fixed - SSL

  • Acme SSL renewal check worker fails to update Le_ReloadCmd if the original base64 reload command was "service nginx force-reload" instead of "service nginx reload"

Fixed - Clone over

  • Clone over fails if DB_HOST_SLAVE directive in wp-config.php

Fixed - UpdateSafely

  • UpdateSafely only checking the home URL in the targeted URL list
  • Canary site build notification suggesting users to login unnecessarily

Fixed - WP Debug

Guard updated to check if Query Monitor plugin active, not just if it’s installed