GridPane Scripts v1.2.517

Improvement - Support

  • Ticket creation is now integrated with the new Fresh Desk support system

Improvement - SSL Certificates

  • SSL provisioning cascading removed. SSLs will now only provision according to their DNS settings (API Full, API Challenge, or None).

Improvement - HTTP2

  • Automatically enable HTTP2 push when HTTPS is enabled

Improvement - Domain Swap

  • Guard placed to ensure domains can’t be force swapped to the same domain
  • Guard added to ensure this can’t be done started again while still in progress

Improvement - Scripts

  • Trim all white space characters from SiteTables variable

Fixed - SSL

  • AutoSSL chain failing after 2 provisions

Fixed - Scripts

  • Corrupt fstab file causing reboot issues
  • .gpupg error in syslog

Fixed - Health Check

  • Notifications spelling errors in notifications