GridPane Scripts v1.2.325

Fixed - Adjusting limit_req_zone zone wp with GP-CLI was adjusting zone one
Fixed - User defined limit_req_zone parameters were resetting to template default after an Nginx Configs update.

- Set Nginx redis2_query expire - GP-CLI command to adjust Nginx Redis Page cache expiry TTL

- Set PHP date.timezone - GP-CLI command to update php.ini and site level .user.ini
- Set PHP short_open_tag - GP-CLI command to update php.ini and site level .user.ini

- Removed GridPane Maxmind account details from Servers.

Maxmind DB must be downloaded by users with their own account and license. Please see:
We realised (6 weeks too late, our bad) that using our key is against their terms, so we have had to remove it from all servers.This means geoipupdate no longer works and the databases required for the Nginx GeoIP2 Module can't be updated. Please go here to sign up for a free account if you wish to use this module.

- GP-CLI commands to download Maxmind DB using your account, enable GeoIP2 module, and configure country mappings/bans.