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    Steve Bell
  • on 09-07-2023

4th July 2023

New - 22.04 Stack: MySQL

  • Use Unix socket for MySQL connections
  • Resource-based memory configuration - defaults max usage to approximately 45%
  • Automatic resource configuration on scaling

New - 22.04 Stack: Nginx

  • Redis-Cache object caching configured for Unix Sockets, autoconfigured
  • Redis-Cache object caching using separate database per site, auto-configured, and compatible with Object Cache Pro
  • Redis-Page caching using unix sockets
  • Automatically configure the Nginx-helper plugin settings when enabling either version of Nginx caching

New - 22.04 Stack: OpenLiteSpeed

  • LiteSpeed Redis Object caching uses separate databases per site, and the plugin is autoconfigured

New - 22.04 Stack: Backblaze B2

  • B2 CLI and /tmp lock issues resolved, and B2 backups are fully functional

New - 22.04 Stack: System Users

  • Autocleaning of unused system users on site deletes

New - 22.04 Stack: GP-Cron

  • GP-Cron and server cron enabled by default for all sites on build, multisite compatible, with a daily cron log on rotate

New - 22.04 Stack: Cloning and Backup Restores

  • Database dump/import tool updated using streams to speed up clones and restores (this also fixes issues with hangs on massive databases)

New - Fortress Integration

  • Use Fortress login links for SSO (if available) on all sites running Fortress