GridPane Scripts v1.2.1117

19th July 2023

Update - WP Fail2Ban

  • Plugin force updated where possible on all sites running PHP 7.4 and above

Improved - Git

  • GP_GIT variables made to be available to site system users

Improved - WP Debug

  • When turning secure debug on/off track if query monitor was pre-installed - only remove when toggling off if we installed

Improved - WP-CLI Usage

  • WP-CLI usage by our platform has been improved to ensure we can attempt to successfully run commands even when WP-CLI would other fail due to user websites codebase errors

Improved/Fixed - Backblaze B2 Backups

  • Check for bucket existence and name limitations when first using Backblaze on a new server

Improved/Fixed - Fortress

  • Nginx servers only: Move Fortress 7G whitelist to its own whitelist configuration “fortress-whitelists-7g-context.conf”

Improved/Fixed - Git

  • Replace site_url variable with SITE_URL