GridPane Platform & Scripts v1.2.1053

14th March 2023

New - Auditd

  • Token created to that will prevent auditd being automatically removed

Fixed - Backups

  • Purge Backups Range From selector has an empty option
  • Backup Export/Restore from Export dir discrepancy

Fixed - Git

  • Git Integration Manager -> Connected MT Servers Section -> sites modal not displaying server sites

Fixed - DNSME Integration

  • Console errors when deleting DNS records

Fixed - Staging

  • Console js errors when selecting Staging Push Type on Push Live To Staging/ Push Staging to live modals

Fixed - Server provisioning

  • Console errors at the adding SSH keys to server stage when server is provisioning

Fixed - WP Ultimo integration

  • Failed notification appears alongside with a success notification after Wp ultimo was successfully enabled/disabled via toggle