GridPane Platform and Scripts v1.2.954

29th September 2022

Improvement - Site Build Form

  • Option to enable and deploy from Git on site build

Improvement - Git BETA

  • Git moved into Open Beta
  • Self-hosted repo options added to UI
  • GridPane webhooks updated so only one webhook is needed per repo, instead of per branch
  • Team member guards to ensure correct Git integrations are seen when viewing own account or team account

Improvement - Clone Server and Failover

  • Allows including staging/backups

Fixed - Git BETA

  • Console errors
  • Push to deploy guard is always active immediately after connecting site from Git integration manager
  • GridPane webhook validation fails if commit contains only digits
  • Webhook Deployments - UI does not update with new deployment row until page refresh
  • Git Integration URL can be edited when servers are connected
  • Connected MT Servers: Search by server hostname doesn't work for Git servers connection
  • Pagination is missing on the Connected Multitenancy Servers section

Fixed - Staging/Canary Sites

  • Console errors on adding or deleting site with staging and canary

Fixed - UpdateSafely

  • Timestamp reporting incorrect in UI