GridPane Nginx Configs and Scripts v1.2.653

15th June 2021

Improvement - Staging

  • If MySQL hits a permissions error during a staging push (typically due to SUPER permissions) the database import will rerun as root (so it no longer needs to be configured manually)

Improvement - SSL

  • New GPCLI for running an SSL provision with no database rewrites
  • New GPCLI for running an SSL provision with no dry run

Improvement - API

  • Scripts to use server_key for all the server communications with the webhooks API

Improvement - Rate Limiting

  • WP Zone Limit whitelisting now includes $http_referer variable

Fixed - UpdateSafely BETA

  • Updatesafely failing if a site has 301 redirect domain

Fixed - Cloning

  • SSL toggle on cloned site not showing as ON inside UI if using the webroot method

Fixed - Cloning and Backup Restores

  • Locks now in place to ensure clones/restores cannot be fired a second time by a user while an existing process is still taking place. This ensures that processes cannot run on top of each other.

Fixed - Redis

  • “apt install php-redis” no longer installs Redis module to all PHP versions

Fixed - Nginx Config Generation

  • No fallback if original static and compression conf from site build are missing

Fixed - SSL

  • If is missing on new servers there is now a fallback to install via Git if wget fails

Fixed - Staging

  • wp-options Site URL and Home for staging not updating after a push from live to staging
  • Disk space checks and guards in place to ensure a push cannot accidentally fill up a servers disk space
  • Excluded tables from partial database push still pushed

Fixed - GPCLI

  • Slow log GPCLI not setting slow log location

Fixed - Backups V2 BETA

  • MyDumper updated to prevent backup errors