GridPane App & Scripts v1.2.840

10th January 2022

New - API

  • GET /server/aws-lightsail/plans
  • GET /server/upcloud/plans
  • POST /server/aws-lightsail
  • POST /server/upcloud

Fixed/Improvement - Failover

  • Delete failover token from source if the site is deleted from failover
  • New GP-CLI command for deleting site on failover

Fixed - API

  • POST Domain - missing required dns_management returns incorrect error

Fixed - App

  • Add validation check of the server name against the use of hash (#)

Fixed - Staging/Security Tab

  • Additional Measures toggles not showing the correct status in UI during Pushes (if the page is not refreshed)

Fixed - UpdateSafely

  • Typo in UpdateSafely tab in server customizer

Fixed - SSO

  • SSO is failing due to outdated wp login plugin