GridPane App, Nginx Configs, Scripts v1.2.584, API

25th February 2021

Improvement - API - Caching

  • Enable/disable page caching via API
  • Enable/disable object caching via API
  • Manage cache TTL via API
  • Clear caches via API

Improvement - Caching

  • Nginx page caching TTL GP-CLI

Improvement - Nginx Configs

  • Added Fastly Real IPs
  • Added $request_time to logging
  • OPTIONS added as an allowed default method
  • Requests not addressed to a specific virtual host - returns a 444 and closes the connection with no response.(This prevents bot abuse and conserves server resources)

Fixed - OpenLiteSpeed

  • Cloning a site with 6G active from an Nginx server to an OLS server leaves security tab unresponsive

Fixed - V1 Backups

  • In rare cases, database folders were not being removed. Guard added.

Fixed - Logs

  • Logs in website customizer returning error: "Something went wrong when getting logs!"

Fixed - Teams

  • Team members unable to launch site customizer