GridPane App & GridPane Scripts v1.2.390-98

June 5th 2020

Improvement - Event Notifications

  • Add IP to Unattended Upgrades notification

Improvement - Server SSH Key Modal

  • Column positions swapped around for better UX

Fixed - Teams Fixes

  • Display events issue for team members
  • Fix self help tools, logs and
  • Allow admin and staff team members to add bundles
  • Allow team members to take and restore backups
  • Allow team members to use SSO
  • Allow admins to push SSH keys to servers
  • Allow team members to use staging features
  • Display correct notice for team member limit notifications
  • Display necessary settings on team member settings pages

Fixed - Staging/Canary Sites

  • Long running builds don’t cause command loop and duplicates
  • Enabling/Disabling UI fixes
  • Disappearing rows fix
  • Swapping primary domain of production site also swaps staging domain

Fixed - HTTP Auth

  • User-password pair regenerates if deleted

Fixed - Migrate/Clone

  • Update wp-config for https on destination if SSL is synced over

Fixed - Multisite

  • Subdomain/Subdirectory toggles not locked after choosing Multisite type

Fixed - Tools

  • Quick fix activities on self help tools not always completing in UI

Fixed - Domains Manager

  • Routing modal remains open after success notification
  • Clear search button in domains tab not clearing

Fixed - Known Hosts

  • Repeated use of same IP at custom builds clears known hosts before building

Fixed - Registration

  • Coupon field not displaying on sign up form