GridPane App & GridPane Scripts v1.2.369-74

April 13th 2020

Improvement – Staging

  • Added "X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow, nosnippet, noimageindex"; to staging and canary websites to prevent search engine indexing

Improvement – Unattended updates

  • Autofix/healing in worker

Improvement – SSL

  • lock while there is an SSL provisioning to prevent conflicts and potential for failed certs
  • gpocsp stapling as part of nginx systemd

Improvement - Migrate/Clone/Failover

  • If failsync detects connection error, don’t proceed with clone attempt and launch notification message + log

Improvement – System users

  • Reduce resources required when adding system users

Fixed – Tools

  • Site list for team users inside Tools processes
  • Staging sites not in quick tools

Fixed - Domains manager

  • Adding DNS records - Wildcard wasn't adding to subdomain sites

Fixed – Accounts

  • Remove incorrect upgrade your account notices

Fixed - SSO

  • failing because generated magic link has leading space