GridPane App & GridPane Scripts v1.2.333-5

March 3rd 2020

Improvement - Domain Manager v 2

  • Swap Primary Domain
  • Per domain SSL Management
  • DNS API SSL method
  • DNS API Proxy SSL method
  • Per domain Wildcard Management
  • CF DNS API integration
  • Alias & Redirect Domains
  • AutoSSL
  • Domains manager pagination

Improvement - Server Providers

  • Added AWS Lightsail as API provider

Improvement - SSH Key update

  • ED25199
  • ECDSA Keys
  • Updates to algorithm to match Mozilla Observatory

Fixed - SSL notification error

  • If user forces www routing but has no www dns records

Fixed - Staging Site Fixes:

  • Domain Manager Primary SSL not working
  • Primary Domain Wildcard Toggle Not working
  • Logs not displaying
  • Displaying wp-config.php not working
  • backups tab not updating with available backups

Fixed - Linode builds

  • Linode updated api response for server regions

Fixed - PHPMyAdmin

  • update changed config dir filepath

Fixed - Site Deleting

  • Bug where sites delete on server but not in UI
  • Force delete site if user deletes server first