GridPane App and Scripts v1.2.910

21st April 2022

Improvement/Fixed - Fail2Ban Security Measure

  • WPFail2Ban activation restricted to sites with PHP 7.4 or above now that it’s no longer compatible with earlier versions of PHP

Fixed - WordPress User Creation

  • Guard to prevent spaces in WP User password fields fixed

Fixed - Core plan

  • Small number of users still on “Free” plan, not “Core” plan
  • Bug when updating User Contact information
  • DNS API integrations inputs active in website build form

Fixed - Teams

  • Session expired error when logging in as a client or staff when in a team

Fixed - Account Update

  • Application does not immediately expire all existing session cookies when updating password from within the application or from the reset password function

Fixed - PHP

  • Unable to update to PHP 8.1 inside application