GridPane App and Scripts v1.2.882

18th February 2022

New - GridPane Nginoil

New - GridPane API

  • Support for PHP 8.0 In OAuth API

Improvement - Notifications/Disk Space

  • Add a guard so files aren't copied over if free space falls to a certain point, and send notification instead

Improvement - GridPane 360

  • Add-on Calculator view updated for better UX

Improvement - Nginx

  • Worker to fix files not symlinks in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

Fix/Improvement - DNS API Setting

  • Update DNS Creds / Sync DNS Creds inside Domains tab
  • Changing DNS API credentials in the Settings not updating all sites
  • Renew SSL - send extra flags for dns or not

Fixed - Creating new sites

  • Added guard to prevent spaces in WP User password fields

Fixed - Backups V2

  • Enabling local backup to ALL sites fails if a canary site is active