GridPane App and Scripts v1.2.828

22nd December 2021

New - Servers API - build/delete

Fixed/Improvement - Backups Restore Update

  • Overwrite only
  • Delete all files before restore
  • Purge backups based on tags

Improvement - OpenLitespeed

  • Expires by type site/server configurable
  • gpols env CLI
  • gpols mime CLI
  • Custom logrotate to compensate for inbuilt limitations

Improvement - Teams SSH Keys update

  • Only team owner keys can be added to servers
  • Admin can only manage team owner keys when in team
  • Staff can add only when in team
  • Removing keys from settings automatically removes them from servers

Improvement - App

  • Link to support portal in settings dropdown on all accounts

Improvement - Maldet

  • Exclude firewall logs to prevent false positives

Fixed/Improvement - DNS and SSL

  • Notifications to help prevent SSL renewal failures when swapping DNS integrations on redirect domains
  • SSL renewals work when swapping DNS integrations with active SSL on primary and alias domains
  • Force renew unavailable on redirect domains after swapping between DNS integration types

Fixed - API

  • Domain API error messages