GridPane App and Scripts v1.2.602

New - GP CLI

  • CLI to manage and store monit configurations and notification setting

New - Monit

  • Run Ramdisk Monitoring and healing

New - API

  • Full bundle management

Improvement - Cloudflare Integration

  • Detect local token and enable CF full integration on cloned sites

Improvement - Server Creation

  • Warning notice that 1GB RAM is below our recommended minimum (which is 2GB RAM) when creating new servers

Improvement - UI

  • Failover section on Tools page updated and improved
  • Failover indicator added to Servers page
  • Buttons feedback inside caching tab in website customizer improved
  • Links to V2 Backup articles added to server customizer
  • Modal to confirm multisite activation (notice that it can’t be undone before activation)

Improvement - GP CLI

  • Scripts for Nginx tab in site customizer
  • GP Cron updated and sync settings added

Improvement - Security Measures

  • Include added to some additional security measures includes

Improvement - Routing

  • Scripts for none, root, www updated with wp-config
  • Cloudflare APO doesn’t allow server based www routing, these updates adjust for this.

Improvement - Monit

  • Scripts updated to prevent false positives during configuration file rewrites

Improvement - Agency Instances

  • Reconfigure servers to agency instances after migration

Improvement - API

  • Error feedback improved
  • 401 returned for all user authentication issues on all endpoints
  • Bundle support added

New/Improvement/Fixed - Backups

  • Scripts updated for pre-domain swap backups, cloning backups, and staging backups to support external databases if no v2 backups or no mydumper

New/Fixed - Notifications

  • Notification timezone can now be set directly inside account to prevent incorrect timestamps on notifications
  • Server datetime in notifications

Fixed - Server Updates

  • gpupdate refactor – faster, systemd timer based
  • gpworkers refactor – faster, lower resource

Fixed - Agency Instances

  • Adapt guards for gridpanevps to use those specified in agency instances
  • Missing Freshdesk support widget
  • Logs tabs disabled for client users

Fixed - UpdateSafely

  • Fix for www routing

Fixed - Teams

  • Client pricing incorrect in UI

Fixed - SSO

  • Activation/deactivation opens wp-admin for the site

Fixed - 7G

  • 7G firewall rule fixes for OpenLiteSpeed

Fixed - API

  • 401 Error handling