GridPane App and Scripts v1.2.477

New - UpCloud BETA

  • Beta testers can now spin up servers from UpCloud using our new API integration - Developer only

Improvement - OpenLiteSpeed BETA

  • Default WP Build Settings options for OLS now available inside Settings
  • Caching toggles now in customizer
  • LSAPI in PHP tab

Improvement - System Users

  • Increased allowed character length to 32

Improvement - Backups V2 BETA

  • Easily disconnect providers from all websites now possible in one-click via settings
    (Backup providers can no longer be deleted while still connected to sites)
  • Links to backup provider KB articles now in settings page

Improvement - App

  • Upgraded to Laravel 7

Fixed - Backups V2 BETA

  • Backup now buttons eternally spinning
  • Checks for incompatible Dropbox token
  • Duplicate remote providers in dropdown
  • Automatic remote backups toggle active before provider finishes adding to site
  • Remote "Backup Now" button active before receiving callback from script

Fixed - Domains

  • Force lowercase for alias and 301 redirect domains

Fixed - Cloning

  • Cloning process failing if capital letters used in destination URL

Fixed - Teams

  • Eternal spinner in UI when creating/deleting sites for team members until page refreshed

Fixed - Servers

  • New checks to ensure and confirm deletion at providers

Fixed - Staging

  • Staging sites showing previous toggle states in UI when recreated

Fixed - Canary

  • Deletion and creation not registering correctly in UI