GridPane App and Scripts v1.2.1020

25th January 2023

New - OpenLiteSpeed

  • PHP 8.1 is now available in the UI on OLS Ubuntu 20.04 servers
    - Added to default site build settings
    - Added to site build form
    - Added to customizer PHP tab

New/Improved - Site Build Options and Defaults

  • Added option for full configuration of local backups on site creation
  • Added option for full configuration of remote backups, including more than one provider (caveat: Backblaze B2 is limited to one API key for entire server)
  • PHP 8.0 is now the default site build option unless a preferred option has already been set
  • If chosen server stack in the site build form doesn’t support set PHP preference option then it will now default to PHP 8.0
  • PHP 8.1 is now available as an option

New/Improved - Single Site Cloning

All single-site clones now have added configuration options:

  1. Include the Staging
  2. Configure the System User
    1. Use origin system user
    2. Autocreate a new system user
    3. Create a custom system user
    4. Select an existing user on the destination server
  3. Set Local and Remote Backup Options
    1. Disabled
    2. Match the origin site local and/or remote backup settings
    3. Full granular configuration

New/Improved - Server Build Script Guard

  • Guard added to prevent 22.04 server builds (until 22.04 stacks released)

Improved - GridPane Application

  • Our dashboard has received updates that will improve overall performance

Improved - Default Server Setting

  • Default build setting when creating new servers is now Ubuntu 20.04

Fixed - Staging

  • Site system user change wasn't dynamically updating the row in the active sites card until page was refreshed.

Fixed - API

  • Endpoint used for cloning: Sites would fail to build if user provided wasn't unique

Fixed - Server Build Form

  • After server build form submitted, the form would not reset back to default