Separate Staging Server for Staging Sites


As the title states, I'd like to be able to deploy any staging sites to a specific staging server, or server of my choice.


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For some reason trying to do this manually by cloning to staging.example.com on another server failed, while s1.example.com worked. the staging subdomain is useful as paid plugin developers are kind to it. But it seems like it is reserved for "real" staging.
This is a really useful thing for resource management.


Jenrry Cordero

We also need this functionality


Steve Bell

Status changed to: Planned


Alex Wilkins

100% is a great idea. Having a staging server also increases security and control over the development site. We could easily have the same SSH Key across both servers so they can talk back and forth from each other to transfer and update files.


Hubert Nguyen

I like the idea. Why?
- keeps individual server disk small (staging = 2X the size)
- You might want to have Xdebug and other dev tools on the staging server

Why are small servers good?
- VMs with smaller disks are cheaper. It's easy to scale only CPU+RAM separately
- Higher chance of getting a better CPU/$ VM
- Faster snapshots, full clone, resize, recovery, transfer to another region

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Denny Cave

Would definitely make use of this

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