Allow customizing backup retention time

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Carl Nasal

Right now the following is how long backups are kept:

Backups are run every hour on the hour 24/7. The local backups system stores an hourly backup for the past 12 hours, a daily backup for the past 7 days, a weekly backup for the past 4 weeks and a monthly backup for the past 3 months.
- From: gridpane.com/kb/gridpane-local-remote-backups/

It would be nice to customize how long backups are maintained rather than having to stick with these rules.
For example, I'd prefer 90 days of daily (or hourly) backups.


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Steve Bell

I haven't merged this with the thread linked to Augus's feature request which is for a custom template, but I believe the options available in V2 cover this request (and pretty much covers the request from Augus too).


Steve Bell

Status changed to: Live