WHMCS Module

Dusan S.

For those who serve large client base and run their own hosting business, this would be awesome. And you'd kill competition completely.

WHMCS module should have tho parts: admin and client.

Admin part would have options to connect to GridPane, enable/disable services, enable/disable options for clients, manage hosting packages etc.

Client part would allow end clients to add new WP install, modify, activate SSL, backup, one-click login etc.

These options as a whole should be discussed and I even have a full document on this. (I know, I'm a freak) :D


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Lorne Wanamaker

Love to see this, and the sooner the better!


Peter Kuipers

+1 +1 +1 +1

Mathias Jensen

Would love to see this


Paiboon Limstit

I agree. And request easy connection at the original package price.

Ben Wade

What are you referring to when you say "original package price"?

Paul Stoute

Would love to see this with the ability to push/pull staging sites as well as clear serverside caches.

Ben Wade

any updates on this?


Fabio Risso

WHMCS + Gridpane = my dream!!!


David Rahn

Where can we see more details on this? I really appreciate the work that Arindo has done on Ultimo, but WHMCS has a more typical UI for customers who are not familiar with WP. Ultimo is for sure a WP UI example if there ever was one. In addition to using the whmcs ui which is better for my customers, I would love it if it were able to be able to set a template of choice so as to give clients a starter site on purchase of the plan. I would have used whmcs a long time ago if it had this. I do not want to do it manually. so there are features in ultimo that are not in whmcs that would be very nice. Set Customer Domain comes to mind. What do other people think about Ultimo features put into the GP-WHMCS connection. Bobby, when you say you are making the api available is that for whmcs to build the connection or for you to build it?

Rob Marlbrough

I’d take the Plesk or free Vultr module, and swap out the important bits. Easy! 😉

Dusan S.

You literally don't know what you're talking about. :) if I am to use Plesk+Vultr module, I can't use Gridpane. Gridpane WHMC module would allow some end-user/admin functions, within WHMCS.

Rob Marlbrough

Not you, the developers, duh. :) It has the important WHMCS parts needed, and swap out the Vultr code for Gridpane code.

Tristan Lerisse

WHMCS ↔ Provisioning Module (Vultr, DO, AWS) ↔ GridPane = ❤️

Ben Wade

Can't wait!!

Ong Keo

Hello there

Bobby Broughton

Status changed to: Planned

Bobby Broughton

Hey all! I'm a big fan of WHMCS too, and I'd like to see this too. Right now we're working on making our API publicly accessible. Once that is done, we'll be able to do this.

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Dusan S.

Awesome! Can you count me in for any testing, help etc? I'm totally up for it! :)


Steve V.

That's a very good news!!!

Dan Ericson

REALLY want this!

Rob Marlbrough

I’m using Plesk now and would love Gridpane to support WHMCS or have simple billing with Stripe integration itself.


Yep another thumbs up for a WHMCS Module - would make life much easier for spinning up new clients and provisioning a breeze

Ken Wiesner

This would be a fantastic feature for provisioning and managing sites. Agree with Dusan that this needs a bigger discussion before implementation. We too would be willing to help foot the bill for such an integration.

Dusan S.

I'll include detailed description and diagrams on how this module should work. If GridPane doesn't have resources (funds, dev's etc) we can organize some crowdfunding to get some funds and hire dev's to work on this, if GridPane allow some API access.

I don't even mind if this module (if created by GridPane) is +$/month or one-time fee.


David Rahn

Did you write and provide this, if yes I'd love a copy to review.

Ong Keo

Hi, I have some collaboration for you
ping me on devware090@gmail.com

Gary Petro

WHMCS+Gridpane would be awesome!

Ben Wade

Yes would also love to help test this! With everything being 100% manual for setting up gridpane site orders in whmcs, this would be a huge help!

Tristan Lerisse

I would love to help make this happen. Having GridPane as a provisioning module would be awesome! Please let me know if you need help with development or testing.

Chelsea Lyn

I fully support this feature. I use WHMCS and would love to be able to integrate it with GridPane.