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Right now, there are no fine controls of what a member, specifically a client, has access to. If you give a client access to a site, they have full access to disable the firewall, disable/enable cacheing, etc.

Would be helpful if, at least for client members, we could control exactly which tabs (settings, backups, domains, etc.) and further, which settings they have access to (change site ownership, change php version, ssl, etc)


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Thanapon Wongprasert



Ashwini Singh

Staff should have provision to add custom VPS server and proper server level rights

Arthit Eampa

Hi. I want to vote and staff should be add server by themself.
Main account (organization)
- sub account for staff. (Can add sever)
--- sub account for client. (Cannot add server , only control , ftp )

John Crumpton

Screen shot on Staff account for server configuration

John Crumpton

Same for Staff, at the moment all Staff accounts see, is coming soon on server configuration for all tabs (Settings, Backups, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redix, Logs). Would reduce my admin time if they have see more of these details without giving them Admin access.


Jeff Cleverley

That is all admins and owners see too... for the moment, that is all that is in that panel.

Bobby Broughton

This is definitely planned. We'll be making everything a lot more fine grained with respect to Teams. Thanks Justin!

Bobby Broughton

Status changed to: Planned