Multiple SSH Keys per System User and allow Staging to be set to it's own User

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Right now, only one SSH key and one SFTP account is possible per install. Would be great if we could:

1) Add multiple SSH keys to each install.

2) Add multiple SFTP logins to each install

I often work with other agencies that need to provide their developers with access. It'd be ideal if each user had their own access.

Even better, within the System User setup, if we could assign the user as the primary system user for a given install (like it is currently), but also be able to assign that user to be able to access other sites they are not the system user for.

EDIT: Per discussion on FB with Jeff: www.facebook.com/groups/selfmanagedwordpress/permalink/2739561702804419/

The ability to add multiple SSH keys to a given System User would probably be enough.

1) System User per install with a master password and a general SSH key.

2) Create new keys for other users and assign them to multiple system users as needed.


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Bobby Broughton

Status changed to: Planned

Bobby Broughton

Hey all!

Thanks Justin for submitting this request! I've updated the title of it, and what we'll be doing here is allowing multiple SSH keys per system user. Then what we'll be looking into is allowing staging to be a different system user than production. That way, if you want to have staging be a different user (IE to hand to a plugin author) you can.

I hope this helps!

Doug Rider

Yes. I just bumped into this issue trying to assign a plugin developer to access just the staging site. Cloning the staging site to a subdomain is a workaround until this feature is added.

Donald McGuinn

This would be awesome as a user coming from Cloudways where this was available!

Tim Colling

This is really important for working on multiple sites with multiple developers and other interested parties.

This is one way to be more competitive against WPEngine and others.

Malcolm Alexander Peralty

Yes, per install for sure without changing the ownership all the time...