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Jordy Boutier

It happens often that something really cool is made by the GP team. Think of this roadmap, status page etcetera. I now have to read this on Facebook, but it would be nice if there would me *something* central where I can find out those things.


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Pascal Brennecke

How about a Slack Newschannel...?

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Bobby Broughton

I haven't had a lot of bandwidth to do this just yet, but our plan here is to automate everything where news gets automatically distributed on all the channels. Jeff has been updating the change log here:


Blog is going to be more "pretty" and have a lot more general detail. We're also planning to release other articles. Non technical articles that may be more informational. IE, what is Bobby's strategy for picking server sizes? Etc.


It would be great if we could subscribe to the changelog :)

Bobby Broughton

Status changed to: Planned

Ken Wiesner

Maybe gridpane.com/blog/ could be utilized more. Even if not as detailed as previous post but at least people could subscribe via email and "changelog" type posts could be added.


Gabriel Untura

Email should be sent for these kind of anouncements.