Dedicated GridPane Specific Caching Plugin

Bobby Broughton

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One of the features I appreciate on Swift, is to be able to exclude a page containing a class name. We use this to automatically exclude pages with Gravity forms, without having to manually enter each url by hand.

Hubert Nguyen

If this is a real cache plugin, great. If it's a purge manager (for WP Object caching and NGNIX page caching), please don't call it a "cache plugin" -- RunCloud has done that, and it got a lot of people confused. They are now renaming it to "cache purger" or something.

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Nick Toupin

Would be great if this has detection/settings for autopurging with common page builder edits like Elementor, Oxygen, Divi, etc. Sometimes with current nginx / redis cache plugins they don't auto purge on template/page edits in such builders and require manual purges which causes some issues for end users.

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Ken Wiesner

Should have ability to set which roles can force clear cache. We have most of our clients provisioned as Editors and not Administrators so this would be very helpful!

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Alex R.

and since it's a system/server-level plugin, can we make it hidden?