Continue Server migration by skipping sites where ""wp-config file is inside htdocs folder"

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while I understand that wp-config file inside htdocs folder is not supported by gridpane, Currently the whole server migration thing gets stopped if there is any such site during Server migration. Gridpane should only skip those sites with "wp-config file inside htdocs folder" while migration is happening and then continue to migrate all other sites with "wp-config file outside htdocs folder"?

I want to re-emphasise that I don't want Gridpane to build a feature to skip ""wp-config file inside htdocs folder" thing and continue migrating that faulty site. I actually want Gridpane to skip such site and continue migrating other sites which have wp-config file outside htdocs folder" as Gridpane wants it. I want Gridpane to migrate all the 'non-faulty' site by skipping those sites fully if they have " "wp-config file inside htdocs folder"

Thank you.

Note: Support thread #29070 , where I had discussion about this with Steve and Huzeifa


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