Development Environment option

Luke Humble

"Production", "Staging" AND "Development"

Having this on the likes of WP Engine suited our workflow.
We used Staging to carry out incremental updates to the website (content, plugins, theme, new features etc etc).
We used Development for new builds that cannot use Staging due to the ongoing Production site needs as it supported this.
So having a Development environment option in GridPane would help fill the void left since moving from WP Engine.


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Dave Hilditch

It would also be nice if the development environment option included an option to anonymise all the user details in users and woo orders and anywhere else in the database that user-identifiable-data exists. This would improve security if we need to let 3rd party developers have access to our dev environment.

It would also help with GDPR requirements - I have a responsibility to be careful with my user's data, so I cannot really allow 3rd party developers onto my server because they could theoretically grab user emails, addresses, websites, order details etc which would totally violate GDPR.