Automatical PHP FPM Calculator - Get your settings calculated and automagically set

Pascal Brennecke

Atm I'm fighting with 504 errors on a small WooCommerce Store because I have to find the correct PHP FPM settings. Client is unhappy atm.
(Editing multiple products and editing menus is not possible, everything takes too much time)

A tool or module (with an integrated feedback loop) that automatically calculates the correct settings would be very helpful.

I stumbled over this:
but it lacks the calculation feature for multiple WordPress instances.

What it could do:
- input the server specs
- check monit values
- set the FPM settings on it own
- have the ability to enter somewhat 20% buffer before your server instance is running on 100%
- extended ressources alert (sh*t is on fire, upgrade your server instance!)

It doesn't have to be on the sweetspot - just close enough to not to spend time and nerves on it. :-)